Quality Used Cars For Sale In Gauteng

Rent to Own 

Best deal Auto understands tat times can be tough and that in the need we all want to buy our very first dream car or been just our own car. Thats why we give you the option to rent the car first with the idea of buying the car. The general idea of rent to own is so that you can rent the vehicle of your choice and within your financial budget. 

The vehicle is then rented for a set period of time where after this period the car then becomes yours. We ask  that our buyers put down a deposit down on the car, this is to ensure that if anything happens to the car in the meantime and you no longer wish to rent the car it can then pay for any damages that may occur. The car that is rented is then on a monthly repayment. Our buyers are then responsible for the maintenance and running costs of the car. 

Many may be wondering if is worth doing rent to own. 

Well we have a simple answer for you. Rent to own is an appropriate approach for buyers who cannot afford to pay for huge down payments of a car in one go. These payments often last for two or more years. Rent to own allows customers to save enough money and build their creditworthiness. 

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Quality Used Cars For Sale In Gauteng