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Used Bakkies 

What is a bakkie? 

A bakkie is a light truck or pickup truck that is most popular due to its ability to transport small to medium loads around easily and efficiently. In addition to this, they can easily be used as a family vehicle. Many businesses also rely on a bakkie or a fleet of bakkies for their day-to-day operations. Often people wonder why they should buy a bakkie and we simply put it that Bakkies Are The Best. Its major benefit is that it will experience very little or maybe even no depreciation, this means that even if you buy a second hand bakkie from us it will still have value with many more years to come. Bakkies have the advantage that they are or have a lower impact on the environment and will still have up to date safety features that we all want in a car. This then means that Buying a Used Bakkies is Better. 

Why are used bakkies better to buy?

  1. Little to No Depreciation
  2. Lower Your Impact on the Environment
  3. It Has Up-to-Date Safety Features
  4. It Is Easily Customisable

Take a look at our top 8 bakkie uses below!

Different types of Bakkies 

South Africa's 10 best-selling bakkies in 2020 

  1. Toyota Hilux 
  2. Ford Ranger 
  3. Isuzu D-Max 
  4. Nissan NP200
  5. Nissan NP300 
  6. Mahindra Scorpio Pik Up 
  7. Land Cruiser Pickup
  8. Hyundai H100 Bakkie 

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Quality Used Cars For Sale In Gauteng